Miami International Airport is among the top 50 busiest airports in the entire world. It services more than forty million people every single year, this resulting from the role it plays as a bridge between Latin America and the US.

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Things to Know about Miami Airport

An Airport of this size is bound to intimidate some people, especially those that have never experienced travel hubs this large.

For the most part, MIA operates much like any other international airport, though it definitely boasts a few unexpected advancements and innovations. This is what you can expect.

The Design

MIA looks like a horseshoe. Whether or not this design was intentional doesn’t really matter. But you quickly begin to understand why the airport is so large when you realize that it deploys over a thousand flights every single day.

The facility has three terminal areas, namely: central, north, and South. Regardless of whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, you can expect to transition through one of the three levels that constitute the terminals.

Check-ins and ticketing are restricted to the Second Level while the First Level handles arrivals and baggage claims.

You can look to Level 3 and the area above the North Terminal Concourse D for the moving walkway and the Skytrain. 

Don’t be afraid to visit the MIA website to gain a better understanding of the flights they have on offer as well as the terminals. The more you know, the easier it will be to maneuver through the airport when the time comes.

Miami weather isn’t exactly predictable. The official site will keep you abreast of all the changes surrounding your flight. It does this in real time. That way, you are less likely to encounter unnecessary delays at the airport.

The Boarding Passes

There have been rumors like what MIA will get rid of boarding passes altogether. The idea is to use facial recognition technology to determine the identity of passengers.

Lufthansa has already put this concept into practice. People who have used the airline will tell you that it takes just two seconds for a match to be made. No errors have been encountered so far.

In the near future, MIA could completely revolutionize the boarding process, removing all the delays and hassles. The ball lies squarely in the court of the other airlines. They must choose to adopt this technology.

The Miami Airport Parking

What do you do if you own a car and you have to fly out of MIA? Obviously, once you arrive at the airport, you need to secure a parking spot. MIA Parking lots are not that difficult to find.

You can even acquire MIA parking maps from the internet to simplify the navigation process. Complexities only arise when it comes to selecting a sufficient parking service.

This will demand that you take into account the duration of your journey and the costs attached. Security is also a notable factor. Of course, you don’t have to contend with the demands of MIA Parking on your own. Parkos exists for this exact reason, to help desperate travelers locate affordable parking close to the airport. The people behind this company understand that Miami is rife with parking services.

However, they also know that most such services are expensive and dubious in their dealings. Security isn’t always guaranteed. What they offer is an online resource that will allow you to find, compare and then book the parking services that suit your needs.

They do all the hard work of finding parking near MIA. All you have to do is to choose from their rich selection. And once you book your spot, you can trust them to keep it for you.

Convenience is their primary objective. They know how hectic travel can be. They also know that challenges tend to arise at the worst possible moments. So they provide their clients access to parking spots that are as close to the airport as one can possibly get.

You can choose to self-park but that means contending with the airport’s unforgiving daily parking fees.

You are better off trusting this platform. They make parking easy, and that isn’t even taking into account the additional services they provide which range from car washes to charging (Electric Cars).

The Services

Airports are described as hubs because they normally host a litany of services designed to bring comfort to the lives of the numerous individuals they house in any given moment.

MIA is not that different in this regard. For instance, you can trust them to provide amenities for your pets, specifically areas where your animals can collect their waste.

Naturally, there are plenty of dining areas, sixty restaurants to be exact. MIA’s strong affiliation with Latin America is responsible for the abundance of Latin American cuisine.

You will also find plenty of burger joints, coffee houses, and wine bars. The same is true for Shopping Centers with brands that range from Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren to Michael Kors.

MIA has boutiques, gift shops, Spas, and massage centers. The time you spend waiting for your flight doesn’t have to torture you. The airport goes to great lengths to put everything its clients might desire at their fingertips. That includes WiFi.


MIA has a car rental service on the third floor. For the best prices, you are encouraged to book your car ahead of time. 

You can also get a taxi from the baggage claims level. There are taxi stands in the area. They should prove sufficient for anyone looking to get around Miami or to reach a hotel near the airport.

Tech-savvy travelers can use ride-hailing and sharing apps for additional convenience. Services like Uber have their advantages. You get a place to charge your phone, possibly even a snack.

However, ride-sharing apps are more affordable. It is a question of your budget and your preferences.

MIA is a large, complicated place. But it isn’t nearly as scary as some people make it out to be. Even if your experiences have been largely restricted to smaller airports, if you take a moment to study your surroundings, you will realize that MIA is quite welcoming. 

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